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Who is Creative Lighting Solutions, llc. and www.CreativeLightings.com?

Creative Lighting Solutions was launched in February of 2007 and is based near South West of Cleveland, Ohio.
"We had a need for a lighting product that we could not find. After extensive searching, we found the product, but the distributor would not break a full case for just one piece. Also, while speaking with manufacturers, distributors, engineers and developers, we began to realize that there were a whole new line of lighting products emerging. These exciting products revolved around Solid State and LED technologies that were positioned to replace the traditional light bulb!" the Founder states.
If Solid State and LED Lighting can save so much money, why hasn't everyone been "turned-on" to this technology?
There are several answers to this question - mainly being that the technology (producing light from semi-conductors) is new. Only today are we starting to see high quality products with viable lumen output per watt and properly color corrected LEDs that can really crank out some light.

We at CreativeLightings.com hear it just about every day from our customers; "My electric costs are going through the roof!"

Our Customers feel good about doing something for our environment by purchasing LED Lighting. These customers (after being briefly educated by our website or technical support staff) come to learn that they can reduce their INDIVIDUAL or COLLECTIVE impact on our environment by decreasing energy consumption and consequently saving lots of money at the same time. It's a win-win situation.
Organizations are realizing that a huge amount of capital is heading out the door each month in electric and lighting costs. What if you could reduce that 50k/mo. electric cost to say, 23k/mo. just by changing out your light bulbs and fluorescent tubes?

Our world is going GREEN - More attention and concern about our planet, our individual and collective impact on our communities, cities and future generations is real. Our days of what seems to be consumption and little forethought for the future and natural resources is behind us. Let's all do what we can to consume less; and this means our ENERGY as well!

Creative Lighting Solutions has partnered with Leading LED manufacturers and is an authorized distributor or dealer for many of the products that we offer. While some of the other web sites offer cut-throat prices on their LED bulbs and LED tube lights, you WILL be sacrificing quality and amount of light output from the "other" site's lights.
Creative Lighting Solutions offers a full range of LED Lighting, Commercial, Industrial, Residential LED Light Bulbs, LED Flex Strips and LED Ribbon Lighting, 12V Motorcycle LED Lights and expertise to get the project done right the first time. We have an extensive background in lighting and solid state technologies and provide pre-sales and technical support during and after the installation. We have experience working with building contractors and lighting designers on custom and "one-off" projects across the country. When you select Creative Lighting Solutions as your partner, you can count on us to do the job right, on budget, the first time.

We all know, energy costs have sky rocketed and are not coming down. Why not do what you can to keep your dollar in your pocket? You can start by replacing your lighting with products found on our site.

We firmly believe that LED lighting will replace traditional lighting elements completely - and sooner than one might expect.

Consider this: a one-time investment could repay itself in less than 1 year and continue to save 40-85% of your lighting costs* each additional year there after.

As always, you can contact us at: http://www.CreativeLightings.com
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We are constantly updating the store, adding interesting products and lowering prices as we pass the best price onto YOU. So please, come back often!

* Typical energy usage for lighting is between 15-40% of an average home's energy usage. If you replace those lighting elements that you tend to use most frequently, you will realize the most savings!