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Customer Testimonials

I have placed multiple orders over the years from Creative Lighting Solutions for underwater pond lights. They have the friendliest, most helpful representatives to help you order the right things. One particular representative named Don is amazing! He goes above and beyond to help (a not-very-knowledgeable-about-lighting) pond owner get exactly what is needed to have my indoor pond look amazing! I have also found their prices to be very competitive and their selection of products to include everything I need. Plus, the lights look great in my pond and my fish are happy!

Vickie - Pittsburgh PA

I want to say, I am quite happy with the finished result I got from installing LED ribbon lighting in a couple areas around my Condo. My first project was to have some kind of lighting outside on my Terrace during the evening hours and not create an invitation for insects and spiders to join me and my guest. I increase my living space by 216sq ft during the warm season and totally enjoy sitting outside at night. The LED ribbon lighting accompanied with a dimmer switch to adjust brightness is the perfect solution creating an inviting setting and no bugs. The light is soft and runs evenly across the floor without distracting of catching you in the eye. During the day. Because the ribbon lighting is very narrow, it blends into the bottom of the railing and does not draw any attention.

My second project was inside in the Kitchen. The existing florescent lights had a concentration of light on one side of upper cabinets and nothing on the opposite side. The Kitchen area is small and when I turned these light on. The look was like placing a table lamp in a corner. Not overly pretty. I installed the Side Light LED Flex Strip lighting for this application. Rather than direct my light out into the kitchen, My light is directed down against the wall back splash. The illumination is even and makes the kitchen more attractive when viewing at night.

I want to acknowledge the customer service I received from start to finish. I have never taken such a project on and my education on LED product was what I was able to gather off the internet. The Sales and Help Desk team were amazing. They were totally willing to assist making suggestions and ideas become reality. Thank you Creative Lightings for making my mini projects a happy experience.

Greg B - Toronto, Canada

Installed 4 of the warm lights in my kitchen, easy installation, significantly brighter than the T12s they replaced. Love the ability to dim the lights, the Lutron(tm) Diva cfl/led dimmer worked great. Your shipping, and responses to questions were timely and appreciated!
Steve K.

Hi I got my special order [LED Strip/Tape Lights] today and it's great!! I have tested it against a double density reel I bought from a Foreign (Chinese) company and your HO led's put them in the dirt. Without a meter to test them exactly I would guess they are at least twice as bright. I'm very happy! Best regards to all involved with my order and your great products! Thanks!
Steve B.

I am a Field Service Engineer in the Semiconductor industry. One of my customers asked that the florescent lights in his tool be replaced with LED lights. Since the florescent fixture was already in the tool, your 3 foot T-8 replacement bulb was just what I needed.

I replaced both florescent lights in the tool and they work great. My customer really likes them. They were replacing the florescent bulbs twice a year and they were always afraid that the glass fluorescent light bulbs would break and spread particles. The LED light solved both problems because they now do not have to replace the lights and the LED light is plastic and will not break. Great product!

C. Rodgers - Vancouver, WA

Want to take a few minutes to express my appreciation for your very informative and detailed web page, also customer support staff was extremely helpful answering all questions thoroughly and completely [CS Rep] thanks again for your assistance in making my purchase.

Bill McCray

I felt I ought to take a few minutes to write and tell you how impressed I am with your luminaries! I bought three 18" T8-replacement type lights to replace the flickering, dying, noisy fluorescents in my new apartment. I also know the effects of exposure to mercury which is a known deadly neurotoxin and I am making every effort to rid my home of it. These are the first fluorescent tube replacements I've had, so I was cautiously optimistic when I placed the order, but when I installed the new lights and switched them on, I immediately noticed a difference. No ballast hum, and bright, full-spectrum cool white light is something you never expect to see from a fluorescent tube fixture. These tubes produce at least twice as much useable light (that is, focused in the correct direction) as the old 15-watt tubes did, and they use less than half the power! Solid-state lighting is definitely the wave of the future and I hope that companies like yours will make inefficient, poisonous, and narrow-spectrum fluorescent lighting a thing of the past. I wish you and your company all the success in the world as we move toward an age of efficient, long-lasting, and safe electric lighting.

Arthur, Quincy, MA

I want to thank you for making a quality product and for your outstanding customer service. I have ordered the green LEDs before for my Harley and they have performed great. I just ordered two 15" red LED strips and got them in today. On the invoice I saw where there was no charge for the extra length. Thank you so much!! It's not very often one comes across companies that take customer service to heart. You have gained a supporter with me and I will let all my friends know the good business practices you do. Thanks to K.L. who checked my invoice. When I need more LEDs you can bet I
will buy from you. I hope 2012 is the best year you've ever had.

Bruce T - Plain Dealing, LA

I am just writing this email to thank you for your prompt action to replace my nonworking items and want to assure you that i will be doing business with Creative Lightings in the near future and will also put good word out about this company to my clients.

Andrew DeTommaso

I love my retrofit LED [Tube] lights. I put them in my overhead kitchen light fixture. No more dark kitchen. My contractor was so impressed when he saw the result that he wanted the information to order them for his workshop. I now want to put them throughout my basement. I also appreciate the quick and friendly service and recommendations that I received over the phone. Thank you for old fashioned service and great new technology!

Sharon O'Neill - Wichita, KS

The Representative on the phone was very helpful and suggested changes to make my order work better for my needs. Once I received the product it was exactly what I wanted and it installed easily. I purchased the LEDs to make my classic MINI a little safer. Classic MINI brake lights are small and can be dim in many cases as mine were. My new LED brake lights are very bright and really get the attention of other drivers.

Thanks for helping me make my MINI safer!


I just wanted to let you know that I received the new LED modules. I appreciate your patience and willingness to work with me on this problem. The problems were not your fault, but you handled it as if it was your fault and that says a lot about your integrity and your company. I will definitely refer others to you. It is refreshing to find a company (on the Internet) that truly is reliable after the sale.

Michael B.

First let me say thank you for the LED kit that you helped pick out for my sons birthday.
The order arrived in a timely manor but was short the controller. I called promptly the next day to report the error. After a VERY short investigation I got a phone call back from Kim. She not only corrected the problem but threw in a couple cool led spots for the inconvenience. The package arrived unexpectedly NDA just in time for my son to open on his birthday. We installed the lights and my son said it was way cooler and had more functions than he could have imagined. (I think he liked them so much he slept in his car last night)
I have very high regards for a company like yours where it's obvious that great products and great customer service are at the top of your list.I wish more companies out there understood the concept of this and how it's an essential part of operating a successful company.
You can be assured that my son will proudly display the lights and we WILL get the word out to all our friends about your exceptional products and outstanding customer service.There is already talk about adding more LED's and we look forward to doing business with CreativeLightings.com soon.Thank you again and keep up the great job!
Dan Schmitt, Farmington, MN

I just got around to installing the lights on my Bronco and they look bitchen. (my father liked them so much he bought a handful to put on our boat!) I showed my setup to a few 'bronco' friends and they were in awe, asking where I got them, wanting to purchase some for their ride.
I also wanted to express my thanks for taking the time to respond with a personal email, not a canned response like so many businesses do these days. A personal touch goes a long way in my opinion. Also, your generosity towards the offroad group I am part of is greatly appreciated. SoCalBroncos is a local Southern California group I belong to, we are very tight with eachother, like family. ClassicBroncos.com is another major ( if not the largest ) bronco oriented message board on the internet with thousands of members.

I purchased the 6 LED White Piranhas and used them on my Bronco all over; attached to the roll cage as a dome light since I have no top.. 2 in front and 2 in back for interior lighting it's easier to dig through ammo cans and tool boxes without holding a flashlight. 2 under the hood.. for obvious reasons. Under the body I've got 6 more.. one at each corner, and 2 in the center: Axles, u-joints, driveshafts, etc.. they always break at the worst time! working on your rig on the trail already sucks, trying to do it in the dark or by flashlight is beyond frustrating. My father used his to line the inside of our pontoon boat all around the floor so people could see what the heck they were doing in the dark. We also put one at the helm for the driver, should they need light for anything, and we stuck another one out back aiming at the engine...

Jeff Halstensgaard - La Mirada, CA

Received yesterday (fast!)-- [CL-RC8A-4CHAN] compact size,4 channel output control and really mini switches and now i don't need the rocker switches i was going to install as this unit does it all -- cant wait to hook it up. Putting fuses on input and output for total safety. THANKS SUPER!!! I looked at other units on e-bay but Googled around just in case and there was a better solution: www.CreativeLightings.com, very good price also!
Dan R. - Massachusetts

Our trike is black and I am the passenger. I was very nervous about riding it at night. I called creativelightings.com for a solution to make it visible . I thought I was going to order custom LED strips but Randy inspired me into making my own. I purchased a red and blue reel of LED strips and a roll of wire. We now have (36) feet of LEDs on the trike that look awesome. Thanks to creativelightings.com for their very bright LEDs and a wonderful solution.

H. McCurley

Hillsbee, Tx

I had order the LED Motorcycle light kit. The kit was great, easy to work with and set up. The only issues I had was with the lock connectors. I did not have any instruction on using them or setting them up. I emailed customer service and they emailed me back a sheet of instructions.
I will have to get some pictures of the bike at night so you can see the way the bike lights up and glows.

Bob Kennedy

I used the LED strip for indirect lighting over a cornice. It worked out perfectly and are happy with the results. I'm planning another project in the Master Bedroom and will be ordering more stuff next month!

Mike M.

The [strip] lights worked out great. It took me a while to find you guys, but it was worth the wait. It was very easy to cut and splice the strip to form the back lights for the old neon lettering. Needless to say, the sign was a real hit. Everyone loves it!
Kirk McCoy

I actually show off my lights to anyone who can stand it. I especially like the fact that I can use them in the freezer. I can't see why True Refrigeration would use anything else.


Bruce Davenport

Thanks for getting the product out so quickly with no hassles. We installed the led strips in our clients kitchen and they are completely satisfied. I am ready to place my next order!
Steve - Finer Woodworking

I bought and installed 12 tube LED lights in my home and home office over one year ago. I now have direct comparisons of KWH usage on my electric bill and it is consistently 24% lower in direct month to month comparisons (i.e. June 08-June 09). For me, I have it calculated that these [LED T8 Tube Lights] will have paid for themselves in two years and will have saved enough money over the life of the bulbs to buy 4 more sets. If the "cap and trade" bill passes and our electric bills rise as predicted, my payout would be much sooner.

A small part of the reduction could also be attributable to the elimination of the heat fluorescent ballasts make. My house holds heat for some strange reason and this has been another step toward solving that problem.


Wade Rohloff - Hobbs NM


I placed an order with Creative lighting on July 30th [2009] of several LED pods, Step lights and a remote control . I received my order the very next day and that is without any next day delivery. I was so excited I tested everything out on a 9V battery I had laying around and the product is top notch. I can't wait to get it installed on my Goldwing. The customer service at Creative Lightings is first class I received several notifications of my order, its shipment, and confirmation of delivery, and that was within 24 hours. Keep up the great work you have found a new loyal customer.

Bob Kedelis, Knox, IN

Andy's Games - LED Flex Strips
"Don & everyone at CreativeLightings.com are always so helpful!
Upset with how my arcade games looked, Don helped me find ways to really bring out the colors and personality of my games. That kind of personal attention from the owner is just unheard of these days. The LED tape is phenomenal! Sticks to the bottom of my arcade games and I dont have to wory about it breaking! Thanks for everything!"
Andy, East Wakefield, NH
Nice Job Andy! Great new look on some old 'Clasics'!
-- CreativeLightings.com

"Our energy costs have quadrupled in the last few years with more to come, I began searching for ways to save energy on lighting without the family rebelling. I found Creative Lighting Solutions on the web and have to say that they not only have excellent pricing, but their communication and follow through have been the best I've found. My focus has turned to LED lighting as it's not only the most efficient, but it lasts the longest too.
I've replaced 16 fluorescent lights in our garage and closets with warm white [LED T8 Fluorescent Tubes], my wife and daughters surprisingly love them! No more ballast hum, no more flickering bulbs, no dangerous glass tubes to handle, I love them! I'm excited to see that CreativeLightings.com is adding more to this category every day!"
Ed Rempalski, Corona Del Mar, CA

"I received the replacement light bulb today, and it works great. Your outstanding level of customer service has guaranteed my future business with CreativeLightings.com and plenty of referrals."
Thank You, D.H. - Lakeland, Florida