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Do I need to bypass the Ballast for my LED Tube Light installation?
Last Updated: 08/24/2011
Do I need to bypass the Ballast for my LED Tube Light installation?

Yes,  Bypassing (or taking the ballast and starter) out of the circuit is required for our LED Tube Lights.  There are several advantages of making this modification.

  • The Ballast consumes energy, even when not being used.  You can save up to 20 watts per ballast!
  • The Ballast is a maintenance item.  Removing the ballast from the equation reduces future maintenance issues.
The advantages of LED Tube Lights is lowered energy consumption and reduced maintenance costs.  Our tube lights are designed with the drivers located internal to the tube light.  Rewireing the fixture consists of taking the incoming AC voltage 'whip' and running the HOT lead (typically black) to one end of the sockets and running the neutral (typically white) to the opposite end of the sockets.

Please MAKE SURE the power is turned off during any modifications of the fixture.
Reinsert your LED Tube Lights and apply power and you're done!

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