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Our Colored CFL light bulbs are perfect for holidays, birthdays, etc. & Save Energy too!
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T8 Purple Fluorescent Tube Colored Safety Sleeve and Guard.  A cheap way to color your life! LED Motorcycle Light Kit - 12v RF Remote Control LED Pod & Strip Kit, Wiring, Tape, LED Pods and Controller - Easy installation! Gift Certificate for LED Lighting - Email Or Print
T8 Purple Fluorescent Safety Sleeve - Single Sleeve with End Caps A complete Motorcycle LED LIGHT KIT with everything needed to light your Motorcycle, Car or Truck with LED Light Pods and Remote Control!  12V LED Strip lights included! - Green Kit Pictured Purchase and Give Creative Lighting Solutions LED Lighting Gift Certificates!  What a great idea? - Pick your Amount
Coax Barrel DC Power Plug 2.1mm by 5.5mm with 6 inch Leads - Male Blue Waterproof LED Module - 12vDC 4 SMD 5050 LEDs, White Case LED light Pod | LED Motorcycle and Auto Light Pod / Module - High Ouput, Super Bright LED Light Pods at Great Prices only here at www.CreativeLightings.com
Coax Barrel Plug 2.1mm by 5.5mm with 6 inch Leads - Male Waterproof LED Modules are ideal for underwater or near water lighting!  Strung together by 2.75 inches of lead and completely epoxy water sealed! 12vDC LED Automotive/Motorcycle Light Pod, 12vDC, 4 LEDs - (5-Pack)
Hot Pink LED Flex Strips Ribbon Lights -12vdc, Waterproof, 300 LED 5050, Pink, High Output - 5M Spool LED Night Light Bulb, LED Candle Bulb - 7 Lumens - Warm White LED Flex Ribbon Strips - 12vdc, Water Resistant - 12 Inch strip with Quick Connector Set!
Pink Water Resistant LED Flex Ribbon Strips - 12 volt DC, Pink Color, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Waterproof Version(IP66), Double Density(300LED), High Output, Super Bright and Flexible.  300 LEDs per Spool. Endless uses! LED Night Light Bulb - Warm White - 7 Lumens. C7 base (standard night light / candle size); Cool 'Crystal' globe LED Flex Strip Ribbon Tape- 12 volt DC, 12 Inch, Waterproof Version, Black Backing, Super Bright and Flexible.  Automotive, Interior, Kitchens, Baths, Signage, Hobbies, Radio Controlled planes, RC Helicopters, Rv's, Trucks and much more!  Low voltage, low energy use, eco-friendly and beautiful!
RGB LED Remote Controller - 12 Programs - IR Handheld Remote Control - Line of Sight Dream Color Digital/SPI LED Controller - 12VDC / 2048 Pixels LED 5 Watt MR16 Light Bulb - 12VDC/AC - Warm White | 3000K - Don't settle for inferior quality to have your unit break prematurely!
LED 5 Watt MR16 Light Bulb - 12VDC/AC - Warm White
Our Price: $11.95
WOW Price! $5.00
RGB LED Remote Controller - 12 programs, 6 User Modes, Infrared control Line of Sight! Dimming and Speed - User Selectable Program slots. NEW!  Dream Color Digital/SPI Multi-Mode LED Digital Strip Light Controller! - 12vDC Input - Supports 11 Control ICs / 2048 Pixels!

LED 5W Watt MR-16 Light Bulb - 12vDC or 12vAC - Warm White (3000K)

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5 Wire RGB Molex Connector Set - 8" Leads M-F SET
Our Price: $2.39
LED Bicycle/Bike Strobe Tail Light. 7 Modes
Our Price: $7.99
5W LED GU10 RGB Color Changing Light Bulb-120V
Our Price: $26.95
LED Flex Strip Tee T Connector, WP, w/3M(tm) Tape
Our Price: $2.89
RGB LED DMX Decoder / Driver 12/24vDC - 3A x 8ch
Our Price: $199.95