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Our Colored CFL light bulbs are perfect for holidays, birthdays, etc. & Save Energy too!
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Flex LED Strip IP68 - 5050- Double Density - 12vDC, 12 Inches (by the foot!) 100% Waterproof, Black PCB - 12 Inch waterproof strip with Quick Connector Set! Camo Ultrafire LED Flashlight Holster - Clip & Loop, Velcro - Top Quality - Upgraded /Holster T8 LED Tube Light - 650 Lumens, 18 inch, Natural White, 7 Watt, 120 LED, 85-265VAC, Clear Lens
Flex LED Strip 5050- IP68- Double Density - 12vDC, 12 INCH Strip - 100% Waterproof, Black PCB - 12 volt DC, Submersible Waterproof Version, Super Bright and Flexible.  Automotive, Baths, Pools, Signage, Hobbies, Boats, Water Falls, Water Features, Automotive and much more!  Low voltage, low energy use, commercial quality - eco-friendly and beautiful! Fits our Ultrafire Cree(tm) high power Flashlight! Great Camo Pattern.  Belt look and metal loop.  Velcro Closure.  Great for Pocket Knives also! LOW PRICE everyday at CreativeLightings.com!  High Quality LED Lighting and Quick Shipping! LED T8 18 inch Tube Light - 650 Lumens, 18 inch, Natural White (4100K), 7 Watt, 120 LED, 85-265VAC
LED Remote Control Inline RF PWM LED Dimmer Kit LED SMD T10 Tube Light - 1300 Lumens, 3 foot, Natural White 4100K, 14 Watt, 240 LED, 90V-277VAC, Clear Lens, Commercial Grade - UL Approved! LED SMD T10 Tube Light - 1750 Lumens, 4 foot, Natural White, 18 Watt, 290 LED, 90V-277VAC, Clear Lens, Commercial Grade - UL Approved!
Mini 12 Amp, Inline RF PWM Dimmer with Controller! Heavy Duty!
LED Fluorescent Tube Light!  Our Flagship product. Natural White - 4100 Kelvin. Try a few and you'll see our quality and performance!

LED Tube Light! Our Flagship product. 4100K Neutral White color temperature. Try a few and you'll see our quality and performance!

T8 LED Fluorescent Light Tube - 3500 Lumens, 36W, Commercial Quality, CE/ROHS Approved Fluorescent Tube Colored Safety Sleeve and Guard.  A cheap way to color your life! LED Mini Inline Controller - Strobing & Flashing - 12vDC

UPGRADED! LED T8/T10 Fluorescent Light Tube - 3400 Lumens, 8 foot, Day White, 36 Watt, 580 LED, 90V-277V, 5/16th Single Pin End, Clear Lens

T8 48 Inch Yellow/Amber Fluorescent Safety Sleeve - Single Sleeve with End Caps LED Mini Button Inline Controller - Single Color LED. Strobing & Flashing. Speed/Rate Selectable - 12 Volt DC!
Dream Color Digital/Magic LED Strip Lights - 12VDC / 300 Pixels Orange LED Flexible Ribbon Strips | LED Ribbon Tape - Low power consumption, infinite uses.  We manufacture our LED Flexible Ribbon spools and Flex Ribbon Tape to ensure a Quality product and the best possible price to you, our customer! RGB Waterproof LED Module - 12vDC 4 5050 LEDs, Metal Case
NEW!  Dream Color Digital/SPI Chasing LED Digital Strip Ribbon Lights! - 12vDC Input - 300 Pixels! Chasing, fading, etc! Orange LED Ribbon Flexible Strips - 12 volt DC, Burnt Orange, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Super Bright and Flexible.  Endless uses! Waterproof RGB LED Modules are ideal for underwater or near water lighting!  Strung together by three inches of lead and completely epoxy water sealed! Color Changeable.