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Our Colored CFL light bulbs are perfect for holidays, birthdays, etc. & Save Energy too!
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Dimmable LED Light Bulb-10 Watts, Warm White, 120VAC T8 LED Tube Light - 800 Lumen, 18 Inch, Natural White, 7 Watt, 60 LED, 90-277VAC, Clear Lens RGB Audio LED Controller and Handheld RF Control with Dimming and Speed Control
LED Replacement Light Bulb for your 75-100 Watt Incandescent or 13-20 Watt CFL Bulbs - Dimmable!! Brand New! 10 Watt LED Light Bulb - Day or Warm White LEDs Available!! LED T8 18 inch Tube Light - 800 Lumens, 18 inch, Natural White (4000K), 7 Watt, 60 LED, 90-277VAC Mini RF RGB Audio LED Remote Controller - 22 Modes, 12/24v input, Dimming, Speed, Audio  RF Control up to 50ft.
LED Mini Inline Controller - Strobing & Flashing - 12vDC LED SMD T10 Tube Light - 1300 Lumens, 3 foot, Day White, 14 Watt, 240 LED, 90V-277VAC, Clear Lens, Commercial Grade - UL Approved! RGB LED Flex Strips -12vdc, Water Resistant, Double Density, White, High Output - 5M Spool
LED Mini Button Inline Controller - Single Color LED. Strobing & Flashing. Speed/Rate Selectable - 12 Volt DC!
LED Fluorescent Tube Light!  Our Flagship product.  Closest color temp as traditional fluorescent. Try a few and you'll see our quality and performance! Waterproof WP LED Flex Strips - 12 volt DC, RGB Color Changing, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Waterproof Version, Double Density, High Output, Super Bright and Flexible.  Double Density, 300 LEDs per Spool. Endless uses!
T8 LED Fluorescent Light Tube - 3500 Lumens, 36W, Commercial Quality, CE/ROHS Approved Orange LED Flexible Ribbon Strips | LED Ribbon Tape - Low power consumption, infinite uses.  We manufacture our LED Flexible Ribbon spools and Flex Ribbon Tape to ensure a Quality product and the best possible price to you, our customer! LED Motorcycle Light Kit - 12v RF Remote Control LED Pod & Strip Kit, Wiring, Tape, LED Pods and Controller - Easy installation!

UPGRADED! LED T8/T10 Fluorescent Light Tube - 3400 Lumens, 8 foot, Day White, 36 Watt, 580 LED, 90V-277V, 5/16th Single Pin End, Clear Lens

Orange LED Ribbon Flexible Strips - 12 volt DC, Burnt Orange, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Super Bright and Flexible.  Endless uses! A complete Motorcycle LED LIGHT KIT with everything needed to light your Motorcycle, Car or Truck with LED Light Pods and Remote Control!  12V LED Strip lights included! - Green Kit Pictured
Super Warm White 5050 LED Flex Strips -12vdc, WP, 2700K Super Warm, Double Density, White, High Output - 5M Spool Hot Pink LED Flex Strips Ribbon Lights -12vdc, Waterproof, 300 LED 5050, Pink, High Output - 5M Spool NEW! WiFi LED RGB Strip Light Controller! - 12/24vDC Input - Supports 3x4A Channels (12A)!

Super Warm White Waterproof LED Flex Strips - 12 volt DC, Warm White Color, 2700K, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Waterproof Version, Double Density, High Output, Super Bright and Flexible. 2700K, 300 5050 LEDs per Spool. Endless uses!

Pink Water Resistant LED Flex Ribbon Strips - 12 volt DC, Pink Color, 5 Meters (16.4 ft), Waterproof Version(IP66), Double Density(300LED), High Output, Super Bright and Flexible.  300 LEDs per Spool. Endless uses! NEW! WiFi LED RGB, Red, Green Blue Strip Light Controller! - 12vDC Input - Supports IOS, Android and WIFI

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2700K Warm White LED Flex Strip-2vdc, IP68, 5050
Our Price: $129.00
RGB LED DMX Decoder / Driver 12/24vDC - 3A x 8ch
Our Price: $199.95
Ruby Red LED Flex Strips -12v, WP, 300/Meter
Our Price: $129.00
LED Flex Strip Tee T Connector, WP, w/3M(tm) Tape
WOW PRICE! $1.00
6FT IEC 3 Wire Power Cord - Stripped End to 5-15P
Our Price: $4.75